Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains how the Socializus app collects, uses and discloses information about you. The terms "Socializus", "we", "our" and "our" include Artem5 and our affiliates. We use the terms "member", "you", "your" and "your" to refer to anyone using our platform or attending events, including any organization and anyone using the platform on behalf of an organization. This privacy policy applies to the treatment of information about members and other individuals that we collect when you use our "platform", namely any website, application or service that we offer, or when you communicate with we. For any information regarding the choices we offer under this privacy policy, please see "Your Choices" below. This privacy policy does not apply to information you provide to third parties, such as members, and others with whom you share information about yourself. For more information regarding the scope of our privacy policy, please see section 4.5.

To make this privacy policy easier to understand, we have provided summaries in these gray boxes. These summaries are not part of the official privacy policy. Although we have provided summaries, it is important that you read the entire privacy policy carefully. If you would like to access any particular section of this privacy policy, use the list below to jump to that section.

1. Collection of information

Summary: We collect information about you when you:

We also collect information such as usage statistics, using cookies, server logs and other similar technologies.

If you choose to use certain features, we also collect information through other sources, such as social media services, invitations, and imported contacts.

1.1 Information you provide to us

We collect information that you provide to us directly. For example, we collect the information you provide to us when you create your account, choose interests or groups, fill out a form, or communicate with us. The types of information we may collect include your name, username, password, email address, mailing address, phone number, data regarding your payment methods, photos, your choices of interests and groups, and any other information you choose to provide. Information about your gender and interests is optional. Your choice of groups is optional, but we are required to process this information to manage your account, and to indicate that you are a member of the groups you join. See Section 2 to find out how we will use the information you provide to personalize our recommendations and other content for you.

On some occasions, the information you give us when you join a group may imply information about your beliefs, your political ideas, your state of health; or your gender identity. All this, as well as any other type of sensitive information, enjoys special protection. Posting personal or sensitive information about you or others violates our Community Charter.

1.2 Information We Collect Automatically When You Use the App

When you use our Platform, we automatically collect information about you, and in particular:

1.3 Information we collect from other sources

We may collect information about you from other sources, such as certain functions on the platform you choose to use, but only where such third parties have received your consent or are legally authorized or required to disclose your information to us. Here are some examples :

2. Use of information

Summary: We use your information to:

2.1 How our Platform works

We may use information about you for various purposes related to the operation of our Platform, and in particular for the following purposes:

  1. Provide, improve and maintain our platform, including carrying out transactions, developing new products and services, and managing the performance of our platform;
  2. Display information about you, for example, your list of interests, which will be visible on your profile;
  3. Personalize the platform, for example, suggest content that we think may be of interest to you (including content that has received special protection under EU law or relating to sensitive topics such as health, political opinions, religion, and gender identity);
  4. Allow you to share information about your use of the platform by a third-party social media service, if you log into your account through that service (which you can deactivate at any time) and provide you with better recommendations;
  5. monitor and analyze trends, uses, and activities in relation to our platform; and
  6. detect, investigate and prevent fraudulent transactions, abuse and illegal activity; to protect the rights, property, or safety of Meetup and others; to enforce compliance with our policies; and to comply with applicable law and government requests.
  7. perform accounting and administrative duties, and enforce or manage legal claims.

2.2 Communicating with you

We may use information about you for various purposes related to communication with you, and in particular for the following purposes:

  1. Respond to your comments, questions and requests, and provide customer service;
  2. Communicating with you, in accordance with your account settings, regarding the products, services, and events that we and others offer, providing information that we think will be of interest to you, conducting online surveys, contacting you regarding events on our platform organized near your geographic location, and otherwise communicate with you in accordance with section 2.3.
  3. To inform you of communications from other members, in accordance with the communication preferences that you indicate on your account; and
  4. send you technical notes, updates, security alerts and support, and administrative messages.

2.3 Advertising and other uses

We may use your information for other ancillary purposes, and in particular for the following purposes:

  1. provide content, functions, or sponsorships corresponding to the profiles and interests of members;
  2. Set up contests and other promotions;
  3. combine it with the information we collect for the purposes described in this privacy policy; and
  4. fulfill any other purposes that we described to you at the time we collected the information.

2.4 Legal basis for processing

Our legal basis for collecting and using the information described above will depend on the type of information and the specific context in which we collect it.

  1. We process information about you in order to provide our services in accordance with our terms of use, for example to allow you to join groups, or to display your profile to the attention of other members, and to enable us to send important service updates.
  2. We also process information about you when it is in our legitimate interest to do so without violating your rights (e.g. in some cases for direct marketing, fraud prevention, network system security and information, responding to your communications, operating group networks by network administrators, and improving our platform).
  3. Sometimes you provide us with sensitive information about yourself; for example, simply joining a certain group may indicate information about your health, religion, political views, or gender identity. Joining such groups, or posting information on the platform regarding these topics is completely voluntary and done with your express consent.
  4. In some cases, we may have a legal obligation to collect information about you, or we may need your information to protect your vital interests or those of others.
  5. We may also process information to comply with a legal obligation or to perform a contract.

3. Information sharing

Summary: We do not share information about you in any way other than as described in this privacy policy.

We may disclose information about you:

We are also likely to share anonymized or aggregated information.

3.1 Through our platform

We share certain information that we collect by displaying it on our platform based on your member profile and your account settings. Such information, such as username, is always public. Some information, such as interests, is public by default, but may be hidden on our platform. Some information, such as group memberships, will always be visible to other members of the Meetup group, and may be public, depending on that group's settings. We recommend that you check the group settings and the information that will be available before joining a group to make sure that you are happy with the information visible to others. For more information, see this article titled Privacy and Visibility of Your Account and this article titled Group Content Visibility.

3.2 Group networks

If you are a member of a group, that group may now or in the future be part of a network of groups known as the "Meetup Pro" network. Members who administer a Meetup Pro network, known as "network administrators", have access to content within their groups. Network administrators find it useful to have access to the email addresses of organizers and other group members within their networks, to easily communicate with and administer groups. Therefore, we may ask if you want to share your email address with your group's network administrator. See this article for more information about network administrators, organizers, and their members.

3.3 WeWork geographic locations

Meetup is a wholly owned subsidiary of WeWork Companies Inc. ("We Work"). Members can now host or participate in Meetup events in WeWork spaces. If you book or confirm attendance at a WeWork event through the platform, we will share your name and email address with WeWork to confirm the booking.

3.4 With our service providers

We may use service providers related to the operation and improvement of the platform to provide assistance in certain functions, such as processing payments, transmitting e-mails, organizing surveys or of contests, hosting of data, management of our announcements, and some aspects of our technical and customer service. We take steps to ensure that these service providers access, process and store information about you only for the purposes we authorize, while respecting confidentiality obligations.

3.5 Compliance with the law and protection of Meetup

We may preserve, disclose, and access information about you to third parties, including the content of messages, if we believe the disclosure is consistent with, or required by applicable law, regulation, legal process, or audits. We may also disclose information about you if we believe your actions violate our Terms of Service or related charters and policies, or when necessary to protect rights, property or safety. , or prevent fraudulent or improper use of Meetup and others.

3.6 Social sharing and other tools

The platform may offer social sharing functions and other integrated tools that allow you to share the actions you take on our platform with third-party services, and vice versa. Such functions allow you to share information with your friends or the public, depending on the settings you have chosen within the service. For more information, see this article titled Sharing Meetups on Social Media and this article titled Logging into Your Account. The use of information by third parties will be governed by the privacy policies of those third parties, and we are not responsible for the use of data shared by third parties. For more information regarding the purpose and scope of the collection and processing of data in connection with social sharing functions, please review the privacy policies of the services offering these functions.

3.7 Division and merger between affiliates, sale, or other transfer of assets

If Meetup is associated with a merger, acquisition, financing, reorganization, bankruptcy, or sale of our assets, information about you may be shared, sold, or transferred as part of the transaction. We may also share information about you with current or future parent companies, subsidiaries or affiliates.

3.8 Other situations

We may remove identification from or aggregate information about you and share it freely, so that you can no longer be identified. We may also share information about you with your consent or at your direction or if we are legally entitled to do so.

4. Additional details

Summary :

4.1 Analytics and advertising services provided by third parties

With your permission, we may allow others to use cookies, web beacons, device identifiers, and other technologies to collect information about your use of the platform and other websites and online services. See our cookie policy for details about these technologies and the information they collect, use, or share, including how you may be able to manage or disable these services.

4.2 Transfer of your information to the United States and other countries

Meetup is based in the United States. Information about you will be transferred and processed in the United States and in countries other than your country of residence. These countries may have data protection laws that are different from the laws of your country, and in some cases your data may be less protected. We have taken appropriate preventive measures to require that your information remains protected in accordance with this privacy policy.

4.3 Security

We use technical and organizational measures to properly protect your information that we manage and that we process on your behalf against any unauthorized access, collection, use, display, copy, modification or deposition, during their transmission but also after we receive them. We store all the information you provide to us on secure servers. We train employees in our data protection policies and procedures, and we enable employees, as part of their job, to access information when needed, as required by their role. We use firewalls to protect against intruders and test for network vulnerabilities. However, no method of transmission over the Internet or of electronic storage is completely secure.

Wherever you have a password that allows you to use our services, it is your responsibility to have a complex, secure and confidential password. If you want to update or change your password, you can select the "Forgot your password?" Link. on the login page. You will receive an email authorizing you to recreate your password.

4.4 Data retention

We may temporarily block your account if you have not logged in for at least six months. You can contact us if you want to reactivate your account.

We keep certain information that we collect from you while you are a member of the platform, and in certain cases where you have deleted your account, for the following reasons:

When we have no legitimate business need to process your information, we will erase it or make it anonymous.

4.5 Scope of the policy

This privacy policy does not apply to information you provide to third parties, such as members, including group organizers and network administrators, and others with whom you share information about you. Our platform may direct you to a third-party service, such as social media services, or part of our platform may be controlled by a third party (typically through the use of a pop-up window separate from other content on our platform). Disclosure of information to these third parties is subject to the privacy policy of the corresponding third party. We are not responsible for the privacy policy and content of third parties, even if we provide links from our platform or share information with these third parties.

Meetup is a data manager. Members, including group organizers and network administrators, are directly responsible for complying with EU privacy laws in relation to the information they receive and processing for management purposes. their contacts, group organization, or network administration

4.6 Revisions to this privacy policy

We may change this privacy policy from time to time. When this is the case, we will notify you by posting the most recent version and updating the date at the top of this page. If we make any material changes to this policy, we will send you additional notification, such as sending you an email or posting a prominent notification on our platform.

5. Your choices

Summary :

5.1 Your choices Your profile information

You can update your account information by editing your account settings or sending a request to as described in section 6. You can deactivate your account by editing your account settings or sending an email to You will also be able to choose what information others see about you and who can contact you by using the Privacy Settings section on your account.

5.2 Your choices Information relating to the geographical location:

When you first access your platform, we will collect information about your geographic location which we use to make better recommendations of groups and events in your area, and to improve our platform. If you don't want us to collect information about your geographic location, then you can prevent it:

Note that our platform or its functions may not work properly in the future if you do this.

Your mobile device settings may also ask you to choose whether you allow us to access your location data on an ongoing basis when the app is active or never. Allowing us access to your location data when you are not using the app allows us to provide you with new suggestions on a regular basis. Please consult your device manual for more information on setting up location services.

5.3 Your Cookie Choices

With your permission, we may allow others to use cookies, web beacons, device identifiers, and other technologies to collect information about your use of the platform and other websites and online services. See our cookie policy for details about these technologies and the information they collect, use, or share, including how you may be able to manage or disable these services.

5.4 Your choices Promotional communications

You can manage the messages you receive from Meetup, other members, and third parties by selecting the unsubscribe link in the message you receive, or by adjusting communications preferences in your account settings. We will also send you a link to these settings when you first sign up and in subsequent messages. If you decline, we may still send you non-promotional messages, such as those relating to your account or our ongoing business relationships.

5.5 Your choices Tagging photos

You can tag photos of you and other people When a photo has been tagged, that means that person's name will appear in the photo name, and the tagged photo will appear on the tagged member's group profile.

We'll send you a notification when another member tagged your account or when additional comments are added to those photos. You can remove the tags by selecting the "Unmark" option next to your name. You can also report inappropriate content to Meetup. Please inform customers who are not members of this privacy policy and of their rights regarding their personal information if a photo is posted on the platform.

6. Data rights

Summary :

We respond to all requests we receive from people wishing to assert their data protection rights, in accordance with applicable data protection laws. If you would like to contact us, send an email to

The rights you have depend on the country in which you live, and include:

Note that Meetup is responsible for processing your information. Other members, such as group organizers and network administrators, may also act as controllers of your information. You can contact these members if you have any questions about how they use the information you have provided to them.

7. Contact Meetup

Summary :

Under European data protection law, Meetup, Inc. is responsible for your information.

If you have any questions or complaints about this privacy policy or the way we use your information, please contact