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June 14, 2021 20:00

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Hey everyone,
We all are aware of the effects we experience from the others and for sure we have lots to say about it. But on the other hand, how often do we think of how we, as we are now, impact another?

“ELVIS PRESLEY'S mere presence caused teenage girls to scream and faint by the dozens. Charismatic leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., have been known to inspire entire nations, whereas so-called toxic individuals make life hell for anyone who comes close. There is no shortage of examples of people who have an undeniable influence on everyone around them, but the common wisdom has been that such individuals are rare. An intriguing new study, however, suggests the opposite: everyone seems to have a tangible impact, changing other people's feelings in consistent ways.” (The Me Effect by Nicole Brennan, Scientific American, 2010)

We invite you for a friendly chat about the ME effect, based on ancient meditation teachings. Concretely, we will base our discussion on the talk by Dhyan Vimal (What is the effect you want to live out?) available here:

The talk provides profound insights on the given topic and provides a new sight to what we experience. We invite you to listen to it before our meeting and ponder over these two questions:
 What is the effect that I am living out right now?
 What is the effect I want to live out?

The discussion/exploration will be held in warm, friendly atmosphere, without any judgmental comments as there is no right or wrong answer. We simply want to meet, connect, share what we came to, and embrace it as a part of an inevitable process of a human growth.
You are welcome to login to the zoom room a few minutes earlier.

For those who are interested and would like to know more about Dhyan Vimal, here is a lot of interesting reading here:

For any questions, just drop us a private message or write on the wall below. This meeting is not accociated with any fees.

Looking forward to meeting you in the Zoom room!
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