Let's talk in English

March 26, 2021 20:00

From March 26, 2021 20:00 to March 26, 2021 22:00


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Here is a new activity where everyone is an organizer.
It is therefore an activity without an organizer with the free socializus ™ application that you can also use to suggest activities and become an organizer !!

For this activity, it's simple, we meet online in the discussion group and the participants talk to each other to socialize, improve and correct themselves. You can also use the chat to invite people to a chat on "Zoom ™", "Skype ™" or "Team ™" and talk to each other in live audio or video;)

The topics of the discussion are mutual aid between participants, the sharing of tips, and language exchanges ... For moderation, participants are invited to forward the message that is a problem to an administrator of the group.

📌 It is not possible to post a message in the discussion group before the activity. This way, participants end up with notifications and a reminder only on the scheduled time and date. It is important to join the group and click participate to find out how many new participants will participate in the activity. When the activity begins, the chat will be open for a few hours to allow discussions between each member with reasonable hours. The group administrator who is volunteering may forget to open the discussion, so it is helpful for everyone to send them a quick reminder.

👍 You can support the application by becoming a premium member to motivate the development team to create improvements.
Users can use the app for free to offer free or paid activities, the activities can be a job offer, an online activity, or a leisure activity. The concept is to create a group, a community to socialize.
During the health crisis, the application mainly offers online activities.
Good luck to all
The application development team


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