Let's talk in English

January 22, 2021 18:30

From January 22, 2021 18:30 to January 22, 2021 20:30


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Hi all,
Here is a new activity where everyone is an organizer,
it is therefore an activity without an organizer !!
The concept is simple, it's an online activity, we meet online on the WhatsApp discussion group and the participants talk to each other in audio or in chat to improve and correct themselves. You can also use this WhatsApp group to invite people for a chat on "Zoom", "Skype" or on "Team" and talk to each other live audio video;)
The topics of talk are mutual aid between participants, sharing tips, and language exchanges ...
The chat group will be open for 2 hours to allow discussions between each member with reasonable schedules to avoid participants finding themselves having notifications during the night.
The discussion group is secret. Just click on the icon to join it. The principle of the icon for joining the discussion group is also usually used for activities and it allows the organizer to talk with the participants.
You can support the app by becoming a premium member to motivate the development team to create improvements because the app is free.
Everyone is free to be able to propose activities using the application, the activities can be a work proposal, an online activity, or an activity that corresponds to one of the themes or categories of the application.
During the health crisis, the application mainly offers online activities.
Good luck to all
The application development team


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